• We love living here. It’s beautiful every day.

    fluffy clouds in a blue sky with the sun shining. green grass on a slope with golden leaves on the trees. a house is below and the sun is reflecting off part of the black roof. there is water and hills in the distance

  • Another day, another beautiful sunrise. It was very red today and the waning moon and Venus shone above it. (Thanks to @rnv for the support)

    red sunrise over dark land and water. a crescent moon and bright star visible in the upper right

  • Exploring a local back road for A Day In The Life. This Niagara Escarpment outlier was lit perfectly by the setting sun and begged to be photographed. Near the Bruce Trail, St. Vincent-Sydenham Townline, Meaford, Ontario, Canada. Oct 13, 2020, 6:22 PM EDST (22:22 UTC)

    a tower of stratified limestone is lit by the sun in front of 2 cedar trees  surrounded by more stratified rock in the shadows

  • Life’s simple pleasures. These photos were taken last night during a walk along my driveway - apples, maple leaves and sumac. We are certainly grateful for the privilege of living where we do.

    apple tree loaded with small yellow and red applesa small maple tree with orange leavesseveral sumac trees with red leaves

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone who is celebrating this weekend 🇨🇦. Smaller table but delicious food nonetheless. Sure miss family.

    bowls and plates of turkey, dressing, sweet and white potatoes, corn and peas

  • Sweet potato harvest. All of these tubers from one tiny sprout. I’ve never grown sweet potatoes before so I’m blown away by the production. Very simple process too.

    4 large sweet potatoes sitting in the soil as they are being dug up

  • Peeling, coring and slicing apples, into the pastry and onto the plate. Yum

    a small apple on a peeling, coring and slicing tool with curls of skin and some cores lying besideapple pieces in 3 pie shells with flour and a rolling pin on a countertopa slice of apple pie with whopped cream on top

  • Here’s a first: there was a faint burning smell when I opened the dishwasher this morning. Karen smelled it too and found a wooden spoon on the bottom. It had fallen onto the heating element and started to burn. Oops.

    a charred wooden spoon sitting on the door of a dishwasher

  • Three turkeys arrived this morning just in time for Thanksgiving.

    3 wild turkeys under some birdfeeders surrounded by trees

  • After installing Linux Mint, I have not been able to boot my laptop to Windows 10 for several months. A few hours of work this morning let me finally see the programs I’ve been needing for some time. Now the question is, “how many hours (days?) before the updates are installed?”

    screen shot of linux boot repair utilityGNU Grub screen shotscreen shot of a series of boot errorsscreen shot of bios setup screen shot of Windows 10 desktop

  • Yesterday’s production: 10 jars (500 ml) of maple ketchup. Our tomatoes and syrup plus garlic, ginger, cinnamon, celery, peppercorns, hot pepper flakes, onion, salt and some rice vinegar. A bit of work but oh, so yummy.

    tomatoes and other ingredients boiling in a large pot on a stove9 jars in a pot of boiling water

  • Three hours with a Bobcat and two loads of stone made a big improvement to the driveway today. I even managed to get rid of a short, steep section that caused many vehicles to bog down in the snow.

    fresh gravel on a driveway leading into a carport. a Bobcat loader and a second building wkyh a garage door are in the background

  • Yesterday’s vegetable harvest - carrots, lettuce, beets, sweet potatoes (my first ever!), tomatoes and zuccini. It’s amazing how from little seeds, all of this bounty grew.

    mixture of vegetables on a countertop.

  • When I wasn’t watching clouds today, I wired my first patch panel. 13 cables of 8 wires each from a jumble into a sense of order. Fewer dead spots ahead!

    5 black and 3 white cat5e cables connected to terminals behinds a patch panel16 port patch panel installed over a switch with multiple cables bundled behind

  • Three photos of more or less the same area, looking east, taken over about 12 hours today. Sunrise at 7:32 am, almost sunset at 6:36 pm and full moon rising at 7:52 pm. Took my breath away.

    golden sun reflecting off clouds over the water and treesbright white clouds mixed with dark clouds over trees and waterrising moon backlighting dark clouds with a few lights visible in town

  • This Merlin hung around today for half an hour or more trying to get a bite to eat. Fortuanately for the other birds, he wasn’t successful.

    a merlin sitting on a tree branch with tall grass in the backgrounda merlin in a tree

  • Our soil gets very muddy very fast when it rains. Today was no exception!

    black boots covered in mud being scrapped off on a red tractor implement

  • Our new patio and its view to the SE. The fall colours are glorious again this year but they seem a little early. I hope they stick around for a good show on a sunny day. The traffic cone highlights the end of the completed steps. More work to be done yet.

    two blue chairs and a small table on a grey concrete patio. Georgian Bay is in the background as are many coloured leaves. Some tomato vines are visible on the left side

  • Started the steps up to the patio today. Eight down and 3 or 4 to go. It’s nice to be able to use the native flagstone we’ve been saving for a few years.

    large flagstone steps to a concrete patio. patio chairs, a house and coloured leaves on trees in the background

  • More vegetables harvested today. Beans, tomatoes, lettuce (red and green) and walking onions to go.

    comtainers of yellow beans, tomatoes a d lettuce with green tops from walking onions sitting on a countertop

  • Tomato harvest time. 27 kg of Beefsteak, Roma and Tiny Tim became 10.75 litres of tomato sauce. Yum!

    2 hampers and a small box of tomatoes sitting amidst tomato plantsmultiple jars of tomato sauce sitting on a dark countertop

  • Great Lakes freighters such as this one are made by welding together a grid of large steel panels. This ship was likely built at the Collingwood Shipyards and launched sideways. Hence the craft beer company in Collingwood called Sidelaunch Brewing

    the back third of a great lakes freighter moored in a harbour. vertical and horizontal lines delineate steel panels on its black side

  • This Eastern Towhee remained stationary long enough for us to get a photo which enabled us to identify it. She has been singing here for a few days but kept moving away whenever I got close. Now we know what the other similar birds are we have caught sight of over the past while.

    eastern towhee eating on the grass. she has a brown head, mottled brown and light breast with rusty sides and white stripes here and there

  • Not a silhouette unless you stretch the definition but lovely profile just the same.

    brown eyed Susan with a large centre in front of a forest

  • Found a giant zucchini among the leaves today. Lots of fresh veggies these days.

    large yellow zucchini under many large leaves

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